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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The blog has moved!

I've moved my blog. New address:

Gimme a shout there if you want me to relink you.







Thursday, June 2, 2011

The end is near, for this semester, that is

It's the last week of uni. Die. Finals are coming in about 2 weeks time. Shitzzz. I need to study but yet, I'm still feeling SO LAZY! To add on it, I just downloaded all 7 seasons of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and all 5 seasons of Queer As Folk. LOL. Damn. But then again, I do study a little everyday. I do at least 1 tute sheet 1 day. Which is good, kinda.

I think university is getting duller and duller as the days pass by. I remember semester 1 was a great and awesome time. And then a whole lot of incidents happened after that. And it started to go down hill from there. It's now so boring. And I'm still at home at 1pm on a Thursday afternoon. I should be studying! Gah!

So I have 1 year and 2 semesters left. At least I hope I do, if I don't fail any units. I so seriously need to pull up my grades. Prita, Erik and I were talking about our average mark the other day. Prita was saying how low was hers and Adrian's was quite high. I'm only standing on 69 (nice number by the way. Teehee). Then Prita just had to ask Erik how much is his. SIGH. So demoralized man. He average mark is like *WHOOOSHHHH* HELL HIGH! =(

So, while hoping that my marks will magically climb, I'm still sitting here in my room strumming my guitar and typing this blog. The way about it. I should get studying.

Wish me luck.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

And it's back

The time of mugging has come back. Uni has started it's momentum again. But sigh. I'm still so so so so so very lazy to study. I know that my finals is coming in like about 5 more weeks time but yet, I'm still lazing around everyday doing stuff not related to uni. Why am I such a lazy bum?

Things aside, swot vac was quite fun. The road trip was fun. People got drunk and it was fun seeing how they acted when they are drunk. There were like 10 people down south and the ratio of girl to guy was 1 to 4. And there were 13 bottle of hard liquor. Fun eh? Drinking spree!

I can't really think of whatelse to blog about. Life has been just like that. Nothing much to expect at all. Boy. I'm beginning to sound like a bore.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Swot Vac!

It's the study break! I have a lot of stuff to catch up on, but who cares atm. Surely not me.

BUT ANYWAY! I'M GOING FOR A ROADTRIP TOMORROW! I can now feel the excitement. First road trip of the year. Should be a fun one. 3 days 2 nighs down to Dunsborough. 10 people, 2 cars. Should be fun. I hope. Fingers crossed.

However, I would be missing the footie practice this week. It was fun playing footie last week. Interesting to pick up a new sport. And since I am in Australia, it would be good for me to pick up footie since it is an aussie sport.

On a lighter note, I have been drinking quite a bit for the past week. Becoming an alcoholic! OH NO! But wait a second. I don't drink till I'm drunk. I'm a responsible drinker. Wait a second. That is what all pre-alcoholics say. DIE! Oh well. I'll just continue drinking. But not overdrinking of course.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Asian Mentality

Being Asian sucks at time.

I was doing PROSH this year, which is a charity event where we have to dress up and head off somewhere in the early morning to sell a satirical newspaper to raise money for some foundations. Being the Asian that I am, I'm naturally shy. Gosh man. I didn't really dare to walk up to strangers and ask them whether they wanna get a copy of the newspaper. I had to muster all my courage and kept my thick skin on and ask strangers. It's so hard man.

Why must Asians be such introverts? Maybe I'm stereotyping Asians. But gosh man. It's so hard to just go up to a stranger, smile and talk. I need to work on that already. It's not like I'm going up to a stranger and asking him/her to buy a condom and have sex with me. Now that, would be awkward.

Another stupid Asian mentality comes during dinner. Oh gosh man. It's the last piece of chicken! I want it but I'm too Asian to grab the last piece! What if the others think I'm greedy? What if... what if... It gets on your nerve sometimes. If you want it, just take it man. But then again, I do it most of the time. SIGH....

But rest assured, I'm still proud of my Asian heritage.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Start of the 5th week

And so we proceed into the 5th week of uni. How time flies when you are in uni aye. I have sinking feeling that this semester might be quite hard. There are seriously loads of stuff that I dont' even understand. So much for 'trying' to study every week.

Other than university, nothing much has happened in my life. Life is just so boring. Sigh. Nothing much to blog about either. I'm just blogging for the sake of updating it, since I haven't been really updating it much lately.

Last Saturday, I went to the beach with the International Student Society committee. I feel so embarrassed man. ALL of the guys there are so athletic and they all have nice bodies. I need to gym more!!! But then again, I'm such a lazy ass person. Maybe I should consider liposuction. HAHA!

By golly. My life is seriously really boring. When did I became such a bore?